Thursday, July 5, 2007

Table of Contents & Abstracts

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Section 1: Introducing Durban
If it's Durbs it's poison!: an alternative introduction to Durban for tourists
     Woody Aroun
Theatre of Dreams: Narrating Consumption, Exclusion and Banality in Durban
     Bernard Dubbeld
Old Wine in New Bottles: Striving for the impossible in Durban
     Elias Cebekhulu & Evan Mantzaris

Section 2: Outsiders in Durban (and Durbanites as outsiders)
I'm an African not a Coloured
     Wesley Oakes
Being a young black woman from Botswana in Durban
     One Selohilwe
A Creole Mauritian with an Olive Skin coming to Durban
     Marie Saramandif
Growing up in Durban and going on holiday to Europe
     Sheritha Grindlay
Foreign Migrants in the Inner City of Durban
     Biniam Misgun

Section 3: Mixed 'race' heterosexual partners in Durban
But, what will your children be?
     Serrenta Naidoo
Our mothers don't mind, so why should you?
     Anne Holloway
'Guess Who's Coming for Dinner' and other Suburban Tales of Horror
     Megan Kleyn

Section 4: Sport, Entertainment and Relaxation
The white and black sands of the Durban Beachfront
     Biniam Misgun & Wesley Oakes
Nightlife in Durban and 'racial' divisions
     Shabashni Moodley
Durban Sport: A Theatre of Spaces
     Lawrence Gordon & Stephen Gordon

Section 5: Transport and Residential Spaces in Durban
Public Transport Challenges in Durban—Travelling the Road to the World Cup 2010
     Sultan Khan
Durban's Albert Park Residential Area—a hundred Years on
     Mokong Simon Mapadimeng

Section 6: Shack Dwellers
'If you don't die first': Fire, water and women in the shack settlements in Durban
     Shannon Walsh
Life and Death in Banana City
     Evan Mantzaris & Elias Cebekhulu
Struggles and Triumphs of Shack Dwellers
     Fazel Khan

Section 7: Living on the streets and in hostels in Durban
The Voices of Street children in Durban Shelters
     Jackson Kariuki
Challenging Stereotypes of Street Children
     Shanta Singh
Down but not out in Central Durban: 'Streetwisdom' and survival in a post-apartheid city
     Geoff Waters
Scenes from an Urban Underworld
     Thorin Roberts

Section 8: Fear of crime and moral panics
Glimpses through the Cage of Fear: International Students experience Durban
     Ravi Baghel & Anna Mayr
Normalizing life in Durban: Bringing people back to its streets
     Ercument Celik & Azad Essa
Undressing the crime discourse in South Africa
     Ralph Callebert
Defending Animals; Defending Suburbs; Defending Civilisation
     Richard Ballard
The Security Challenge for Durban's Tourist Authority
     Sabrina Grosse Kettler

Section 9: Gangsters
The 'Devil' himself walks through the streets of Durban
     Elias Cebekhulu & Evan Mantzaris
Coloured 'gangs' as communities in Newlands East
     Wesley Oakes
Two women researching (male) 'gangsters' in Newlands East
     Subashini Govender & One Selohilwe

Section 10: Punishments
Overcrowding in a Durban prison
     Shanta Singh
Corporal punishment in a Durban school
     Lee-Ann Inderpal

Section 11: Indian identities and culture
Drawing the curtain: Indian cinema in the Grey Street Complex
     Ebrahim Essa
The Gujarati trading class within the Indian Community—Shaped and styled by historical contradictions
     Kalpana Hiralal
Living a double life: home and University
     Sandhisha Jay Narain
The Minority Report: Undressing 'Indians' in Durban
     Kathryn Pillay

Section 12: Black African Identities and culture
Black Solidarity and black divisions
     Sibusiso Mpama
Homogenisation and Zulu Nationalism in the Casino City
     Mxolisi Ngcongo & Humphrey Glass
Global Cultural Consumption and Aesthetic Choices of Clothing within Durban
     Claudia Martinez-Mullen
Invoking 'culture' and sexuality: Black girls in mixed 'race' schools in Durban
     Rob Pattman
Loving and hating Jacob Zuma
     Wangari Muthuki & Rob Pattman
who am I?
     Tshque Harcharan

Section 13: HIV/AIDS
Voices of HIV positive young mothers
     Nirmala Gopal
The Tree at Operation Bobbi Bear
     Hema Hargovan
Reflections on the activities of the support group in House Number 233
     Wangari Muthuki

Section 14: University of KwaZulu-Natal
The Significance Students attach to 'Race' at the University of KwaZulu-Natal
     Rob Pattman
Coming to a Foreign Country: adjusting to the University of KwaZulu-Natal
     Ntokozo Zulu
Relinquishing my authority as teacher
     Kibbie Naidoo
Restructuring at the UKZN and Job Losses: the Case of Cleaners and Grounds Staff
     Mokong Simon Mapadimeng & Sthembiso Bhengu
The Problems of being a Junior Academic at UKZN
     Shaun Ruggunan
The Importance of Communicating Freely
     Nithaya Chetty

Section 15: Women sex workers in Durban
Dehumanising street sex workers in Durban
     Faith ka-Manzi
The Women of Durban's Dockside Sex Industry
     Henry Trotter

Section 16: Local and global inequalities and challenging these
Wonderwoman vs the World Bank
     Ari Sitas