Monday, May 7, 2007

Fazel Khan

Fazel Khan
Fazel Khan is a community activist, trade unionist, researcher and a social policy lecturer. He has published articles on higher education, book reviews and is currently doing his PhD. He co-directed a film that was screened at the International Labour Film and Video Festival in Turkey and the Durban International Film Festival.

In his chapter, Struggles and Triumphs of Shack Dwellers, Fazel addresses the difficulties faced by shack dwellers as they mobilise to protest against their living conditions. He focuses on the authoritarianism of the police against them. He reports on triumphs of the shack dwellers in the courts. And he points to contradictions between the rhetoric of a new democratic South Africa and its disregard for the rights of certain (black) people.

Khan, Fazel. 'Struggles and Triumphs of Shack Dwellers', in Rob Pattman and Sultan Khan (Eds.), Undressing Durban (Durban: Madiba Press, 2007), pp. 173-180.